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The system's team registration wizard allows an administrator to easily establish teams, register individuals, and set parameters and goals. To establish each team via the wizard feature, the administrator answers a series of questions. The wizard uses the answers to outline the requirements for assessing team members in that particular team.

Criteria for Using TPS
Businesses interested in using freshStructure's TPS should have an environment which allows the formation of teams.

  • Teams can be established based on similarity of function, project or goal.
  • Each team should consist of 5 - 35 members.
  • Team members should have access to the internet via cell phone or computer (location is not an issue).
  • One person, in the team or from the 'outside' person, serves as TPS administrator.

Accessing TPS
TPS is accessed through the internet, enabling team members to use the system from any location, via computer or internet-enabled cell phone, any time of day or night. This flexibility keeps sales forces and teams spread across the U.S. or the world integrated on a team performance and even project-by-project basis.

Some of the questions the wizard will ask for each new team include:

  • What is the name of the team?
  • Do team member know which members earn external revenue? (External revenue is revenue earned (sales generated) by an individual outside the team. If this is true, if individual members earn external revenue, then the TPS will base the scoring on a separate algorithm.
  • How is the scoring done (i.e. any number or a portion of the team's profit or something else)?
  • What is the period of each round?
  • What is the period of iteration in a round?
  • What is the maximum number of iterations allowed in a round?
  • What is the minimum allowable score difference between successive iterations to determine if a further iteration is required?
  • Will individual members provide confidence estimates?(Confidence estimates are secondary factors that affect the weighting values of the second iteration and are considered when teams are established prior to implementation of the Team Performance System.)

As you can see from this list of questions, the wizard enables the administrator to establish the parameters for each team. Each team is established separately, allowing the administrator to tailor the Team Performance System for each team individually.

Joining a Team
Team membership can be pre-determined by the existing structure or left to the employees or independent contractors to form teams. When a team has already been formed and a new registrant wishes to join a particular team, a three-step application process is involved:

  1. The individual applies online to join the team.
  2. The present team members vote online to accept/reject the applicant.
  3. TPS counts the votes and sends the individual an acceptance (which requires 60% of existing member vote 'yes') or rejection.

Allowing present team members to accept/reject an applicant gives the team better control over team dynamics.

Scoring Rounds
Each iteration provides a means for team members to vote on the performance of other team members. A weighted value is then applied ('outerlying scores have less weight and raw scores which are similar to the mean have greater weight). The process enhances the accuracy of members' final scores. Team members' scores are posted online for team members to see.

User Registration
Registration and Authentication may be achieved via a unique username and login process (or via the use of bio-security data such as fingerprint or retinal scan, depending on the needs of the organization itself).

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