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Company Purpose

The freshStructure model solves the cost problems of the 'Hierarchy of Managers' paradigm by recognizing and addressing the shift from businesses focusing on their assets to businesses focusing on their employees' knowledge and continued education.

The freshStructure Model

There are two parts to the freshStructure model:

  1. The 'natural' or 'informal' organization (these are teams comprised of a maximum of 35 individuals): The model maximizes each team's performance via the TPS ('intra-team' or scoring algorithm). The TPS combines two forms: the basic algorithm and the external revenue algorithm. The latter form is for teams in which members know which individual(s) on the team earn external revenue.
  2. Working "between" the teams is a modified price mechanism (two dimensions exist - price and C.S.I. - instead of the traditional one dimension, price).

Industries and Businesses freshStructure serves

freshStructure's TPS (Team Performance System) is ideal for any business, especially those for whom the Hierarchy of Managers model no longer works or fails to yield the desired results.

TPS can be used in any organization, including:

  1. High-tech, multi-national companies
  2. Entrepreneur-based
  3. Small Businesses
  4. Not-for-profit
  5. Government

While any business with more than 5 employees (or independent contractors) can easily benefit from freshStructure's TPS, hi-tech multi-national companies are particularly well-suited to TPS given the model's capacity for large numbers of teams and large numbers of members within a team.

For details on how TPS evaluates team and individual performance, see TPS Features.

Department vs. Corporate-wide use of TPS

A business can choose to integrate TPS slowly, with only a few teams to start, or quickly on a company-wide basis. Teams do not have to follow present departmental or organizational lines or can even include non-employee members into the freshStructure team. How the teams are formed will depend on the current managers chosen or the existing organizational structure for those teams and team members. A business can start small, working with a small group of employees, then expand the numbers of teams and team membership as the benefits to the system are realized.

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