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TPS Features: A Fresh Approach to Motivating Employees

freshStructure's Team Performance System (TPS) returns the concepts of fair, accurate and timely assessment to employee/team performance measurement due to several unique features:

  • Member "score" their selves and fellow team members. TPS uses these score when allocating bonuses and rewards, further motivating team members to perform well.
  • Scores from previous rounds are posted, keeping teams and individual members aware of their progress and providing an incentive to improve performance on an individual and team basis.
  • Members have to be accepted by teams. There is no room for complacency for both an employee and independent contracts who strives to earn incentives linked to this system.
  • Teams selectively choose members, giving them more control over how their team performs as a whole.
  • In iterations of this system, the normalizes scoring for each team member are 'posted' on their team's home page.
  • Bonuses/Rewards can be established by other periods (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, etc.).
  • TPS automatically send notifies to all the members when data is available or action is required (e. g. entering scores, voting on new registrant).

Wizard feature guides administrator in establishing teams, registering individuals, and establishing team and individual parameters and goals.

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