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In today's world, employees work to their maximum all the time.
But is it enough?

The Knowledge Era - a New Era for Businesses
Today, successful businesses compete through the creation and rapid use of knowledge (and not the efficient use of assets). This is the basis for what is now called the Knowledge Era. Now, the highest priority of a successful business is ensuring new and continuous learning for its workers.

This new era brings to light two problems cause by existing structures:

  • First, the contract between owners and employees no longer works (In the economic literature, this proposition is called "Arrow's Paradox").
  • Second, businesses are more highly leveraged (higher percentage of fixed costs) creating more competition between businesses. As a result, businesses need a more level "playing field".

freshStructure's Solution for the Intra-Team Structure
freshStructure solves the first problem via the Team Performance System (T.P.S.). TPS is an online application which provides businesses the ability to score individual performance in a team context and on a regular basis. It emphasizes the learning aspects of teams and individuals. freshStructure's process goes beyond other performance systems by evaluating and scoring an individual's performance, while simultaneously providing management a tool for linking rewards directly to an individual's contribution to his/her team's profits. In other words, TPS returns the concepts of fair, accurate and timely assessment to individual performance measurement - while also emphasizing continuous learning - due to several unique features.

freshStructure's Solution for the Inter-Team Structure
freshStructure solves the second problem via the modified version of the price mechanism. This modified version combines two dimensions - price and customer satisfaction index (C.S.I.) - instead of using only one dimension, price.

Background for the second problem: in business, there are two dimensions of competition: the vertical dimension (the supply chain) and the horizon dimension (the real competition). In the supply chain, "old" suppliers have an advantage in future transactions. Only after a business "fixes" this problem is it able to concentrate on its real competitors. In the past, a business's solution was to switch from market contracts to employer contracts (for individuals) or vertical integration/ownership (for companies). This solution is not viable in the knowledge era, for individuals (Arrow's Paradox) or companies (vertical 'parts' have different knowledge). In the knowledge era, businesses need a new solution. freshStructure has this new solution - one wherein businesses maintain a level playing field and concentrate on the competition.

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